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Alphabetical Listing of EARHoF Inductees

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Aduddell, Dick (2017)

Braley, Don (2016)

Brownfield, Fred (2011)

Burns, Herman (2014)

Callaghan, Arie (2017)

Carter, Bob (2014)

Carter, Howard (2010) 

Clevenger, Bruce (2016)

Clevenger, Harold (2010)
Courts, Ken (2015)

Crowell, Perry (2012)

Daniel, Dan (2016)

Davidson, Jack (2011)

Denny, Tom (2011)
Dickinson, John (2015)

Ehlers, Dave (2010)
Fritts, Earl (2015)

Fry, Del (2013)
Gibbs Jr., Charlie (2015)

Glick, Stormy (2016)

Goble, Doug (2010) 

Goodwin, Jim (2012)

Holmes, Tim (2010)

Kvistad, Ed (2009)

Larson, Ron (2014)

Leighty, Rich (2009) 

Leighty, Rick (2013)

Lielke, Rollie (2011)

Longwith, Jason (2010)

Lytle, Al (2017)

Martelli, Phil (2014)

Morlan, Dick (2013)

Neff, Tom (2013)

Palmer, Daryl (2012)

Parker, Spider (2009)

Peetz, Barney (2010) 

Peterson, Wendy (2012)

Richert, George (2014)

Sargent, Earle (2015)

Seaman, Ray (2012)

Seljestad, Neil (2011)

Skaggs, Bill (2012)

Spoon III, Don (2014)

Spoon, Larry (2009)

Stearns, Ken (2013)

Stephens, Dirk (2014)

Stevens, Ray (2012)

Sutherby, Brian (2017)

Sutherby, Jim (2009)

Terwilliger, Harold (2016)

Underwood, Dale (2016)

Valencia, Bob (2013)

VanWyck, John (2015)

Vincent, Glenn (2015)

Walker, Glenn (2009)

Way, Dale (2014)

West Sr., Dan (2013)

Williams, Bruce (2017)

Williams, Corinne (2017)

Williams, Tom (2013)

Wilskey, Dick (2017)

Wixson, George (2009)

Wright, Vic (2011) 
Zvono, Mike (2015)

Zvono, Nick (2009)
2009 Inductees

Sherry Vincent for Nick Zvono; Minnie Wixson for George Wixson; Jessie Bray for

Larry Spoon; Glenn Walker; Jim Sutherby; Rich Leighty; Marilyn Lindholm for      

Spider Parker; Ed Kvistad                                                               -John Fletcher Photo-

2010 Inductees

   George Wade & Leona Walker of EARHoF; Bruce Clevenger for Harold Clevenger;
   Doug Goble; Howard Carter; Dave Ehlers; George Longwith for Jason Longwith;
   Rick Leighty & Cindy Badgett of EARHoF                               -Aaron Reed Photo-

2011 Inductees


Charles Wright for Vic Wrighty; Rick Leighty for Rollie Lielke; Bill St. Paul for Jack       
Davidson; Debbie Brownfield   Packebush for Fred Brownfield; Neil Seljestad; Kim     
Lilly & Tom Denny's sister for Tom Denny; Ray Seaman             -Aaron Reed Photo- 

2012 Inductees


Cheryl Reed for Bill Skaggs, Jim Goodwin, Ray Stevens, Ray Seeman, Perry Crowell
             -Aaron Reed Photo-



2013 Inductees

   Dick Morlan Jr. for Dick Morlan Sr; Ken Stearns; Rick Leighty, Dan West Sr; Bob   
   Valencia; Tom Williams; Tom Neff; Don Fry for Del Fry       -Scot Pearson Photo- 



2014 Inductees

Phil Martelli, Troy Zvono for Bob Carter, Dale Way, Ron Larson, Dirk Stephens,    
George  Richert, Herman Burns, Don Spoon III, Holly Jacobus for Wendy Peterson.
-Aaron Reed Photo-


2015 Inductees

Earle Sargent, Glenn Vincent, John Dickinson, Ken Courts, John VanWyck,           
Cheryl Gibbs Taylor for Charlie Gibbs, Jr., Earl Fritts, Cari Babcock for Mike Zvono
-Aaron Reed Photo-


2016 Inductees

Dale Underwood, Stormy Glick, Don Braley, Susan Larson for Harold Terwilliger,
Dan Daniel, Bruce Clevenger. Also pictured Tammy Courts & Cindy Badgett.      
-Steve Heeb, Inside Track Photo-




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